A man has impregnated his 15-year-old sister, as well as his 15-year-old girlfriend.

A man  has fathered one child to his 15-year-old girlfriend, and another to his 15-year-old sister, a court has heard.

According to the Western Daily Press, the 31-year-old stood before Bristol Crown Court in the UK, and pleaded guilty to having sex and impregnating a family member.

The prosecutor Jennifer Tallentire, described the mother as a very vulnerable person. She said the incident occurred during a family holiday to Cornwall, St Ives, when she was only 15 and the defendant was 20. Tallentire explained “The defendant had intercourse with his sister. As a result she became pregnant.”

The prosecutor described the mother as a vulnerable person. Image via iStock.

During the time of the pregnancy the family moved to Scotland. When the daughter was born, she remained in the care of her mother. It is alleged that the mother of the victim and perpetrator was aware of what had taken place.

At aged two, the child was taken into foster care before being adopted a year later.

The adoptive family recognised some peculiarities with their daughter, including developmental delay, learning and physical difficulties, and in turn contacted social services. The court heard that social services became concerned that the child might have been a product of incest.

A month ago Aron Fink was arrested for trying to start an ‘incest family’ online. Post continues below. 

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Police interviewed the biological mother, which resulted in a number of male family members being DNA tested.

The test found that there was a one in 150 million chance that someone other than the defendant had fathered the child.

When confronted with the results, the defendant said he couldn’t “recall” sex with his sister.

The court heard that the defendant fathered the child. Image via iStock.

The defendants lawyer, Fiona Elder, explained that the incident occurred “…in the context of an extremely dysfunctional family on a number of different levels.” Elder also told the court that her client’s sexual relationship with his sister was influenced by alcohol.

The daughter is now described by her adoptive parents as “wonderful, vivacious…[and] very gutsy.”

The judge concluded that what took place “…is an act that society, throughout history, has viewed as unacceptable, abnormal and warped,” and jailed him for three years.

He is yet to be tried for engaging in sex acts with a minor, which took place with his 15-year-old ‘girlfriend’.

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