Imogen Anthony has an interesting way of proving she's not breaking up with Kyle Sandilands.

On Friday, The Daily Telegraph reported that Kyle Sandilands and his girlfriend Imogen Anthony were “on the rocks”.

Apparently, Imogen’s increasingly “risqué” behaviour was “no longer projecting an image that is in Sandiland’s best interest”.

They received reports that Kyle’s close friends have recently “taken him aside” to “suggest the relationship may have run its course”.

The risqué behaviour in question was a series of next-to-nude Snapchats, in which Imogen showed off her… considerably assets.

The Daily Telegraph theorised that the “impending breakup” was down to the 20 year age gap between the pair.

Never one to hold his tongue, Kyle released a statement yesterday to the Daily Mail saying the article was “fabricated and rubbish”.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Imogen and Kyle made it very, very clear on Snapchat tonight that their relationship was far from rocky.

You can piss off now, bitch. #WDFWU #FuckYourFabrications #FuckYourBullshit

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In an video of Kyle holding a topless Imogen’s breasts, the pair asked whether the video was too “risqué” and Kyle jokingly accused Imogen of “ruining his image”.

In a subsequent Snap, Imogen photographed herself with her tongue out and captioned the image  “Eat a dick media”.

Well. That cleared that up nicely, then.