Imogen Anthony went to a kooky party and we have some questions.

Sometime in the past week, it appears Imogen Anthony went to a party.

kooky party. One held at a giant white property hidden somewhere in suburban Sydney, where pants are scarce, Lamborghinis are numerous, and the imported pot plants weep quietly as a man is softly spanked in the driveway.

WHO IS HE??! Source: Instagram/Imogen Anthony

Evidently, this is what happens when you go to a party with no party games, no snacks and NO RULES. You get out your smartphone and document the entire thing on Instagram, of course.


I bet you want the goodies ???? Photo by @saxegaardphotography ???? #HotKandi ????

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From what we can gather, by literally just having a gander at the model's Instagram account, the theme of the day was white. There's white costumes, a big 'ol white property, and a whole lot of people in bejeweled outfits.

That said, I really feel like there could be more people. There are four photos on Anthony's Instagram, and all of them feature this same guy who looks like he might need a Claratyne.


A video suggests there were some bikini-clad women rolling around, and I guess someone is holding the camera? Kyle Sandilands, is that you?


But, WHO?

Imagine being the bloke who pulls up behind the lime green Lambo in a Yaris. Imagine.

Also, there are no drinks. No Jatz biccies. Is there even... music?

I doubt it very much.

Ahhh, the lifestyles of the rich and somewhat famous.

Anyway, far be it from us to begrudge people their sparkly fun—it's just a lot to take in on a Wednesday afternoon, you know?