15 situations where Imogen Anthony's Fashion Week mask would come in handy.

Imogen Anthony seemed to be channelling her inner Lady Gaga when she attended Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on Tuesday, possibly with some difficulty.

The 26-year-old’s eyes were obscured by a jewelled gimp mask, because fashion is a fickle master and she its sparkling subject… or something.

It could also be the model and girlfriend of Kyle Sandilands was simply trying to save on eyeliner, which is basically how she explained her bold new look to the Daily Telegraph:

“I didn’t want to do my makeup this morning and I can see through the bits of mesh.”

Kyle is that you? My Spidey sense is tingling. Source: Instagram

To be fair, this is an entirely relatable sentiment for anyone who has a pile of hats specifically for greasy hair days.

In fact, we can think of a whole raft of reasons why you might want to bedazzle your head beyond recognition.

Like, if you're strolling through your ex's neighbourhood and want to go unnoticed.

Or you're in witness protection.

Or you have a long distance flight and want to get some sleep.

Or you have a breakout.

Or you just ran out of foundation and only have enough left for half your face.


Or a rash on your forehead.

Or conjunctivitis.

Or you want to rob an upmarket bank.

Or you stuffed up your winged liner on one eye and have no time to get it even with the other side.

Or you want to take a nap but don't want anyone to notice.

Or you have to snuggle up to a tiny dog but are out of anti-histamines.

Listen: The fashion rules absolutely nobody asked for. (Post continues after audio.)

Or you don't want to look at your partner.

Or your lipstick is on point and you don't want your eyes to steal the focus.

Or you're auditioning for an avant-garde Spiderman reboot.

Or you're hiding from the angry bear whose cub you turned into a stole.

Anyway, we have a feeling good folks CoutureMask are about to be drowning in orders because it seems like they've created the most useful fashion accessory since the utility belt.