Baby vaccinations are just the start: Here's how to remember all the rest.

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Parent life is busy. We’re dealing with feeding and nappies, drop-offs and pick-ups, work commitments, sleep deprivation, snotty noses, shopping and chores – is it any wonder we forget to do things on time? I certainly do.

In fact, my brain frequently goes on an unapproved holiday, so I’m always searching for ways to reduce the overwhelm. That’s why I was stoked to discover an app that could play a small but vital role in helping me organise my life, and more importantly, protect my kids’ lives.

The free Save The Date To Vaccinate is a simple, free and effective app that helps parents stick to their child’s vaccination schedule. The popular app has just been relaunched by the NSW Government, and the new version includes some spiffy features.

While I’m not really an app person (I download them and never use them), this one has earned a prominent place on my home screen. It’s incredibly easy to use and ensures my precious boys never miss or delay a vaccination against a preventable disease.

Here’s how it works. After downloading the app, you’re asked to create a profile for each of your children. This is as simple as adding in their name, date of birth and an optional profile pic. When you click on ‘Medical Contact’, the app automatically links to your phone contacts enabling you to add your GP or nurse’s contact details with the click of a button.

The app will then calculate the due date for your child’s vaccinations and compile a neat little list. Click on the upcoming vaccination and you’ll get a vaccination summary as well as the ability to call your GP or nurse to book an appointment, all within the app!

So far, so good. Image: supplied

I nearly delayed getting my son’s four-month vaccinations because he had a runny nose. Luckily my GP set me straight advising that it’s fine to get a shot when you have a slight cold. He also reminded me that kids aren’t fully protected if their vaccinations are overdue so it’s important not to delay.

To keep your vax on track, the free Save The Date To Vaccinate app uses a colour-coded ‘traffic light’ system. If your child’s vaccination is overdue, the app will highlight it in red. If it’s upcoming and not yet booked, it’ll be amber. If it’s all booked in, it’ll be green.


And that's not all it can do. The app also sends a series of reminders to prompt you to call your GP/nurse to schedule an appointment for each vaccination. Once your appointment is booked, the app links to your smartphone calendar and pops it in your diary. No more relying on a pen-scribbled ‘to-do’ list that’ll get lost at the bottom of your nappy bag or under the mess of fridge magnets.

Calendar reminders straight to you phone, so you’ll never forget. Image supplied.

If you’d like to add in additional vaccinations like the flu shot, the app allows you to add those manually. And if you identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, the app will tailor your child’s vaccination schedule to ensure you know about the vaccines specifically funded for Aboriginal people.

While you’re waiting for your appointment, you can browse through vaccination facts included in the app. During your appointment, you can access white noise or music to help soothe your child. And after your appointment, you can set a timer and play music while you wait the required 15 minutes before heading home. They’ve pretty much thought of everything from start to finish.

All the tunes. Image: supplied

Timely vaccination is the best way to keep your child protected from serious preventable diseases. This app makes it easy to book ahead and stick to the schedule, keeping your precious kids happy and healthy…and your brain a little less fried.

Download the new free Save The Date To Vaccinate app on the Apple App Store  and Google Play.

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NSW Health

Babies and children are very vulnerable to serious diseases and vaccination offers the best protection. If children are not up to date with their vaccinations, this can also impact enrolment in child care and access to family assistance payments.
The free ‘Save The Date To Vaccinate' app will help you understand the vaccinations your child needs by sending you timely reminders of important vaccine appointments, protecting your child as well as the broader community.
To find out more about immunisation, you can download the free ‘Save The Date To Vaccinate' app on Apple or Android devices.