Laurina Fleure shares high school throwback picture. Brilliant.

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Away from the filters of Instagram and stuck in the middle of an African jungle forced to take part in terrifying trials to earn their dinner, you’d think we’d have seen the ‘real’ Laurina Fleure, Brendan Fevola and fellow celebrities of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

But there’s nothing like an old school photo  of a celebrity surfacing to bring joy to our hearts.

In an epic #ThrowbackTuesday post, viewers were treated to a bumper collection of yearbook snaps of the celebrities… and my god, were there some good ones.


Away from their creature comforts, our celebs are back to their original selves and we’re seeing them for who they are. …

Posted by I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Australia on Saturday, 27 February 2016

Of course, our immediate response was to look for #DirtyStreePie favourite, Laurina Fleure. We eventually spotted her at the top right. Altogether now: aww.

The 31 year old, who recently detailed the enhancement she’s made to her face and body, looks like any of us as gawky teenagers, with overplucked eyebrows, just-brushed hair, a forced “This-is-going-on-the-fridge” smile and braces.

Image: Facebook

We just want to give those cheeks a squeeze. (Post continues after gallery.)

Havana Brown lived up to her name, with dark brown hair rather than her current signature blonde. One of the youngest of the group, we'd say the DJ came off rather lightly when it came to embarrassing snaps.

So '80s: Jo Beth Taylor. Image: Facebook.

Australian TV presenter and actress Jo Beth Taylor's photo took us right back to the Hey Hey It's Saturday golden days with her puffy '80s fringe and blonde curl combo, but it was Brendan Fevola's hair throwback that really took the cake. (Watch: Fleure and Taylor make up after an argument. Post continues after video.)

It's big. It's frizzy. It's the Fev. Can we also appreciate that tiny little tuft of hair above his chin?

Image: Facebook

Gotta love high school.

What would your high school throwback reveal?