Rumbles from the jungle: Australia's 'I'm a Celebrity - Get Me Out of Here' kicks off.

After what feels like decades of teaser commercials and cross-promotion, I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here is here.

Last night was the debut of Channel 10’s I’m A Celebrity – Get Me Out Of Here!, a show that drops celebrities into the jungle, minus their mobile phones, personal assistants or make-up artists (and plus animals, dirt, sweat and other celebs).

Comedian Julia Morris and Chris “The Bondi Vet” Brown are hosting the show live — which was filmed in remote South Africa — five nights a week.

After watching the show while living in the UK for seven years, host Julia told news.com.au she “pulled out all the stops” to be able to host one of her favourite TV shows (alongside one of her favourite men).

“I’m a really big fan of the UK version of the show. I actively cancel stuff to stay home and watch it,” she said.

So, digital drum roll please, the celebrities are…. (Post continues after gallery):

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So what went down in episode one?

The celebrities travelled by helicopter to their ‘remote and dangerous’ location, where they were asked to jump from the terrifying height of approximately 3 metres into crocodile infested waters (or at least, into a 2 metre square, roped-off area within that water).

After some wandering through the jungle with a rope and Akubra hats, the celebrities approached their camp (aided by some fairly professional looking rock climbing equipment).


Their home for the next few weeks looks, well, kind of like they live on Gilligan’s Island. Some commented that is was ‘magical’ and ‘beautiful’, others that it was an apartment you don’t want to come home to.


Chrissie Swan became immediate besties with Grown Up Marcia Brady and the random male model who runs a website where he regularly gets naked won fans by starting a fire (with a flint).

Former swimmer, Liesel Jones is promptly elected as the group’s captain because she is an Olympian and having worn the green and gold makes her best suited to such leadership opportunities. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie. Oi, Oi, Oi.

As darkness falls, it begins to rain and Marcia Brady Maureen has a sooky-la-la – in typical Marcia style – because her camp bed is wet. Jan Brady eat your heart our, she wouldn’t have put up with that kind of shit.

The Australian celebrities all feign sympathy as Marcia repeats again and again “it’s just a process”.


The Tucker Trial:

Chrissie Swan is chosen to lead the first ‘tucker trial’ which is apparently reality TV code for ‘food run’.  Comedian Joel Creasy and former AFL player Big Bad Barry Hall accompany her.


To win the right to eat (and the same privilege for the rest of her team), Chrissie is tied to the ground inside a giant plastic star and provided with some goggles. A blindfolded Barry then proceeds to pour boxes of creepy crawlies and slime over the top of her, guided by Joel Creasy’s audio instruction.

There are worms, locusts, slime, cockroaches, maggots and ants by the thousands. To her credit, Chrissie is an absolute bloody trooper as she puts up with being covered in seriously vomit-worthy natural and not-so-natural goop. She wins six meals for her team back at camp.

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So, what happens tonight?

Will the chemistry or friction between the stars be enough to sustain five nights a week of live television? Will audiences be sufficiently entertained by celebrities whining (because surely throwing a weekly tantrum is in their contract…) about the conditions, bugs and food?

In truth, the real question waiting to be answered is how long it will take before one of the celebs falls to their knees, throws their arms to the sky and screams…”I need to sack my agent.”

So far the public’s verdict on the show seems to be in line with journalist Tracey Spicer (who was reportedly approached to star in the show). She tweeted this earlier:

Yikes indeed.