Shane Warne has lost almost 10kgs in three weeks on "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here."

We can already see it coming.

The I’m a Celebrity…Get me Out Of Here Jungle Diet.

It could very possibly give Paleo Pete a run for his money.

Today, News Corp released the weights of the contestants on Channel 10’s reality show and it shows some celebs have lost over 10 kilos in just three weeks.

Former sportsmen Shane Warne, Brendan Fevola and Paul Harragon have lost the most, totalling 51.1kgs altogether. Their combined total is a considerable amount of over half of the total group weight loss.

Brendan Fevolva, Shane Warne and Paul Harrogan. Images via @brendanfevola25 @shanewarne23 @paulharragon

Since starting the show, Harrogan has shed 10.8kg, Fevolva 10.2kg and Warne 9.3kg.

Dr Sam Hay, who conducted medical check-ups on the contestants prior to the show’s commencement, has said he was surprised by their weight loss.

“Their diet is 30 to 50 per cent of what they are usually on, which is safe for a short period of time. I’m surprised that the blokes have lost that much but it is a combination of fat and muscle and being the biggest physically in there, they are going to be relying on their fat stores to keep their energy levels up.”

On the female side of the camp, Val Lehman has lost the most weight, still only at 4.8kg. Combined, the female contestants, including Havana Brown, Jo Beth Taylor, Laurina Fleure, Bonnie Lythgoe and Lehman, have lost 12.8kg.

Watch Laurina and Jo Beth fight it out as tension reaches boiling point. (Post continues after video.)

Video via TenPlay

Since the weight loss numbers have been released, cautions have been issued by Dr Hay to ensure that their diet doesn’t become the next fad.

“This is obviously an extreme diet. If they were to keep this up after the jungle, they would run into health concerns,” said Dr Hay.

“For the short term, it has an effect, but in the long term it is not safe. It’s a highlight to everyone out there that if you exercise and cut down your calories you will lose weight.”

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