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An (almost) certain list of the first contestants heading into the jungle in 2019.



It’s almost that time of year again.

In less than a month a bunch of, erm, b-grade celebs will go into a jungle and eat some worms and talk about their feelings etc etc.

To celebrate this worm-eatin’ milestone, Channel Ten has released some clues about the first four contestants and they’re… juicy.

Yep, this season is shaping up to be a worm-eatin’, feeling-sharing, good time.

Here are the clues and the (potential) contestants:

Clue Number 1: Gossip Guru

According to Channel 10, a gossip guru is about to go from dishing the dirt to sleeping in it.

This gossip guru will trade in the red carpet for the jungle, and give up their hair and makeup for some… boiled rice.

Our guess: 

The most likely suspect is Channel Ten’s entertainment reporter Angela Bishop. But would Bishop really be able to give up red carpets events for that amount of time?

Another possibility is Channel Nine’s Richard Wilkins.

Or maybe even Hollywood gossip blogger Perez Hilton?

Clue Number 2: Two Controversial Politicians

The next clue is: “From Parliament House to the wilds of Africa, how will two very different pollies cope with the politics of camp life? You can Vote 1 for drama”.


Our guess: 

Obviously we’d all like to see Pauline Hanson say “please explain” to some scorpions in the jungle, but given the fact she’s very active in politics right now, that’s not likely.


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got a candidate

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So assuming it’s two controversial pollies with, erm, time on their hands, the most likely suspects seem to be former Labor senator Sam Dastyari, who retired from politics last year, Jacqui Lambie, who had to step down amidst the dual citizenship scandal, and Barnaby Joyce, who needs to do some… damage control.


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Refueling ☺️ (yes, I love food!)

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Dastyari paired with either Lambie or Joyce would make for some drama-filled TV.

Clue Number 3: A Football Legend

Like with every season, a retired football player will be entering the jungle in 2019.

“Our football legend is known for his hair-raising play,” the clue reads.

“With a squad of celebrities playing hard ball for the title of King or Queen of the Jungle, will this athlete manage to maintain his team player mentality?”

Taking into account the “hair-raising” part of the clue, it could be a football player who is famous for his… hair.


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Best Spraytan in Melbourne @tanandbeautylounge_ go see the lovely Janet #tanning #spraytanning #healthylook #tanandbeautylounge

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So maybe Warwick Capper?

Who do you think will be heading into the jungle next year? Tell us in a comment below.