I'm a Celebrity just wandered into Biggest Loser territory.

Ostensibly, I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here is a show about famous people being whisked away from their glamorous lives to take up camp in the jungle, eat bugs, and be submitted to various undignified situations — for charity.

However, there’s another aspect of the series that’s become canon over the past few seasons, and it never fails to get a mixed reaction.

We are speaking, of course, of the weight loss.

No, you’re not getting two different shows mixed up; we’re still talking about I’m a Celebrity and not The Biggest Loser here.

But during Sunday night’s episode you’d have been forgiven for getting a little confused, especially when this appeared on screen:

As part of a group challenge, the remaining celebrities were asked to estimate how much weight they’d dropped since being shipped off to the South African jungle, before stepping on the scales.

Unsurprisingly, six weeks of living on rice, beans and the occasional hunk of meat has had a sizable impact on each celebrity’s waistline. But the show continually makes a point of measuring and recording the exact number of kilograms shed.

Being weighed in front of your peers, and the entire nation, would be intimidating enough. But it seemed particularly so for Casey Donovan.

“I’m never confident about weight… I don’t like to stand on scales,” the Australian Idol alum admitted.

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“I kind of just go by clothes, and if I’m going by clothes, yeah there has been some weight loss.”

She was right; the weigh-in revealed Donovan has lost 17 kilograms during her time on the show.


Last week, she told her co-stars she was hoping to embrace a healthier lifestyle to reduce her weight to less than 100kg — a mission co-star Kris Smith offered to help her with.

“I get on a fad diet, I get annoyed and think why bloody bother,” the 28-year-old said.

“I would like to continue on eating clean and not going back to old habits.

“Although I am happy and confident in my own skin now, I would like to feel how it is to be happy and confident in a new skin and with a new look on life.”

On social media, viewers expressed mixed reactions to Sunday’s weight loss segment. Many congratulated the stars and joked they wouldn’t mind some time in the jungle:

Others highlighted that weight loss isn’t exactly the point of the show:

There were also viewers quick to point out the ‘Jungle Diet’ isn’t a realistic or sustainable way to approach weight loss:

It’s a valid point; this isn’t a diet or lifestyle any health professional would recommend. However, one of the reality show’s resident doctors says the celebrities’ weight loss is no cause for concern.

“It is a pretty hectic diet and a hectic lifestyle in there so this result is not unexpected and it is nothing to be worried about,” Riesa Jansen van Rensburg told News Corp’s Jonathon Moran.

“You start losing your fat first, which is why we’ve seen the ones who had more to lose are losing the most. With the smaller girls that went in, they would start breaking down muscles to use as protein.”

What do you think about tonight’s weigh-in? Does it send a bad message?

Listen to the latest episode of The Binge here: