I'm A Celebrity hosts reveal it's 'easier than ever' to get stars into the jungle.


I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here Australia is back for a third season in 2017, and surprisingly, the show’s popular hosts say it’s been “easier than ever” to get celebrities to sign up for the show.


Yep, big Aussie stars – and even international names – are jumping at the chance to be stranded in the middle of the South African jungle, with hardly any food, no showers and the very real possibility of having to eat a lot of bugs and guts to get by.

“When you have the likes of Warnie and those big names coming through, the proof has been that for the last two seasons, everyone who’s been on the show has done really well,” co-host Dr. Chris Brown (aka ‘Bondi Vet’) told Mamamia.

I'm A Celeb Chris and Julia
Chris and Julia gave Mamamia a few hints about next year's show. Image via Channel 10.

"In the years after [the show], they've really flourished and if their career needed a bit of a kick start, or they wanted a bit of change in direction, they've got it through doing the show.

"On the flip side, [coming up to season three] everyone knows exactly what they're getting into. They know they're going to have to eat some pretty rank stuff," he laughed.

warnie jungle
Big names like Shane Warne have attracted other celebs to the show. Image via Channel 10.

So who's going into the jungle this time?

A new promo reveals a US sitcom star, one of Australia's hottest models, a world famous pop diva, an AFL legend and a famous shock jock have all signed up for the show.


Surprisingly, Chris and fellow host comedian Julia Morris aren't told the names of the celebs until they arrive in South Africa.

fev jungle
Chris and Julia's faces look a little like this until they find out which celebs are in the jungle. Image via Channel 10.

"We have a beautiful evening, overlooking the savannah, with a G&T, and over this beautiful view we are told [who they are]," Julia joked.

"We hears the clues, we hear all the different speculation, so they come around and say, 'Righto, the AFL star, who do you reckon it is?' And we try and guess," Chris added.


But not knowing has made for some very awkward airport run-ins over the years, with Chris telling Mamamia he once accosted some famous names while they were boarding a flight to try and get some inside jungle knowledge.

Video via Channel 10

"Last year, on my way to the jungle, I coincidentally ran into three of the people that were almost - according to the media - guaranteed to be going in [to the jungle]," he said.

"I asked, 'Are you on my flight?' They were like, 'I'm going to Fiji'... definitely not going into the jungle," he said.

This year, both Chris and Julia hinted there would be much more "romance" in the jungle, after the show successfully match-made AFL superstar Barry Hall and former Hi-5 star Lauren Brant.

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"From what I hear, the hope is we're going to have a lot more singles [this year]..." Chris revealed.

We smell a Bachelor/Bachelorette star on their way to the jungle...


I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! Season 3 airs early 2017 on TEN.