The Netflix comedy special every smart woman needs to be watching.

Drop everything and whip out your laptop. (Note: If you were already holding laptop, do not drop).

There’s a new Netflix comedy show that you need to get in your eyeholes. Like… now.

It’s called Confirmed Kills, and it stars Iliza Schlesinger. (We’d never heard of her until now, either.)

Admittedly, we were a little skeptical at first. Also confused — especially when we found out her name was Eliza… with an ‘i’. Yes. Iliza. But she’s an absolute comedic superstar, and now she’s in our lives, we never ever want her to leave.

Don’t leave us Lize. via GIPHY

In 2008 Schlesinger won NBC’s Last Comic Standing, and since then she’s swung from strength to strength.

In Confirmed Kills, her latest special, she struts the stage and guides young women based on her own tales of misadventure.

Schlesinger advocates the need for women to love their bodies, tells us why mermaids are the worst, preaches the need for some feminist porn, and declares ‘the walk of shame’ need not be so shameful.

via Netflix.

Schlesinger not only spreads gender equality gems, but she does so in a painfully funny way. She's smart. She's hilarious. She's drop dead gorgeous. And her ability to self-deprecate is both admirable to say the least.

We insist: go and listen to some equality-promoting, rib-tingling, face-hurting material from another female comic we can be damn proud of. Watch it with your daughter. Watch it with your grandma. Watch it with your husband.

Because the message Schlesinger spreads is one of equality, one that needs to be embraced by our daughters and sons, and one that needs to be adopted by those that aren't as forward-thinking.

And also just watch it for #lols. There's a lot of 'em.

Run, don't walk. via Netflix.

You can find her special, 'Confirmed Kills', on Netflix here.