Dilemma: It's the Ikea or the kids.

Don’t tell me you haven’t considered it too.

God love Ikea. Delicious flat pack scandanavian furniture. Frustrating to buy, frustrating to transport, frustrating to build. Its saving graces are meatballs, value for money and the end product.

And the creche. (I can’t wait until my kids are old enough for the creche.)

Normal Ikea dilemmas usually involve navigating the warehouse, avoiding the kitchenwares (where I can inadvertently spend well over budget on useless gadgets) and using the trolleys with the bags and working out how the heck to put the bag on.

This recent Mumsnet thread is a whole new level of Ikea problems.

The interestingly named “malefridgeblindness” (I can only imagine the incident that inspired that handle) can’t fit her kids in the car with all the Ikea.

"It could be character building for dear child 2 to live at Ikea for a bit."

The responses are hilarious

Yeah, really. Cheeky.


Free childcare. That's quite clever.


Typical male response.




All's well that ends well.

What a novel idea for an day trip with the kids.

You have to wonder though, if our favourite flat packed furniture store banned hide and seek (Why do you hate fun, Ikea?) how long we'd get away with it.

Do you have a love/hate moment with Ikea?

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How to make IKEA furniture look like it is from a homewares boutique.

"The one place I hate, my kids will make me go these school holidays."