The app that makes it impossible for kids to ignore their parents' phone calls.



Remember when you could count on the fact that anyone over a certain age couldn’t understand technology enough to worry about an unreturned text or phone call.

Yeah, well those days are gone.

We’ve entered a new dawn. A place in the technology spectrum where once naive parents are fighting back.

Sharon Standifird is one mother leading the charge. Sick and tired of having her phone calls ignored by her teenage children, the ex Gulf War soldier decided to fight back in a language her kids would understand.

So… she created an app. Called “IgnoreNoMore” it works by disabling her children’s phones and completely blacking out the screen until they call her back.

According to

They [the parents]  input a four digit password, and lock their child’s phone remotely. The screen immediately goes black and the child must call their parent immediately (the lock enables the child to tap the screen and call parent contacts and emergency numbers).Once satisfied their child is safe and in communication, the parent gives the child the code to unlock their phone.”

Can you imagine?

Talk about hitting where it hurts.

And while it’s safe to say parents around the world will be completely enamored by this new technology – their kids will probably take awhile to come around to it. As Mrs Standifird‘s son Bradley put it: “I thought it was a good idea, but for other people, not me.”

So take our advice, and make sure you download it first.

Does this app press your buttons? Or do you think it’s too much?