Snoop Dogg is picking on Iggy Azalea.



Snoop Dogg is being a Snoop DICK.

The American rap artist is picking on our Aussie rap girl Iggy Azalea.

Snoop Dogg (or Snoop Doggy Dog, or Snoop Lion, or whatever the Snoop he is called these days) posted a few pictures to his Instagram account, making fun of Iggy’s appearance.

It started with an offensive meme, making fun of both Iggy and albino people.

Iggy wrote on Twitter to Snoop:


Yeah, Iggy! Take that, Snoop! He didn’t care though, posting more pictures on Instagram, including one of himself in a blonde wig:




Iggy handled it well, though. She deleted the tweets she had sent to Snoop, explaining:

And also shrugged it off, claiming that she wasn’t as angry as headlines were making her out to be:

Maybe Snoop was being such a Dog out of jealousy. Iggy has smashed the nominations list at this year’s American Music Awards, with SIX nominations, included Artist Of The Year, Single Of The Year and Favorite Artist – Rap/Hip Hop. Snoop has zero nominations, probably because he was too busy getting high and writing crap on Twitter (paraphrased from his own words).

We think there is only one way the two rap artists can work it out.

Take a leaf from Eminem in 8 Mile, and just rap battle it out.

Mom’s spaghetti.

Looking good, Iggy.

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