If you've ever been a babysitter, you'll love this

Babysitting is a great job for a teenager. The hours aren't hideous, cash in hand is always useful, and the pay is decent (have you heard the going rates these days?!)

But perhaps the best part of babysitting is witnessing the cute, funny, bizarre and sometimes downright terrifying behaviour from young kids (and, sometimes, their parents too). And it seems some teen babysitters are bursting to share their experiences on social media. 

When Eve Vawter from Mommyish did a quick search for 'babysitting' mentions on Twitter, she discovered a range of sweet and hilarious posts and photos from young baby minders behind the frontline.

We've picked our favourites to show you – you can see all 22 by clicking here

1. Oh dear…


2. The new face of bullying.


3. Ummm… well, this one is really something, isn't it.


4. There's loving your pets, and then there's LOVING your pets…


5. Maybe it's a fireman's pole.


6. Well, this is going to be a fun conversation.


7. Babysitting – you're doing it right. 


8. That's what we call taking one for the team.