15 facts women who wear makeup know to be true.

If you’re a woman that wears makeup, we figure you have a love-hate relationship with it. There are days you feel banging and gorgeous with makeup, other times, not so much. These are some of the problems women who wear makeup know too well.

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1. You always need to rub down your phone to remove the makeup after you use it.

Yep, that’s a little bit of foundation right there.

2. When you kiss a friend on the cheek, they either get some of your powder or a little of your lipstick.

And have to considerately rub it off for them. Oops.

3 . In the middle of the day, you rub your eyes and think midway, “uh oh”.

I forgot I had eyeliner and mascara. Hello, zombie! (Post continues after gallery.)



4. You can’t help but stain your shirts when you get dressed.

Whether it’s foundation, powder, or lipstick, there’s always that possibility—no matter how careful you are!

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5. You dread doing things that will accidentally remove your makeup.

Like when you sneeze and blow your nose or drink straight from the glass or wipe your mouth. Yep, that’s a lot of lipstick on that glass.

6. The pillows are never safe whenever you’re around them.


And sometimes it’s embarrassing, but, what can you do?

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7. You decide that you don’t really need to remove your makeup before you sleep.

So you wake up and have huge regrets. (Post continues after gallery.)

8. People tell you, you should go natural and stop wearing too much makeup.

Then when you do so, people ask if you’re going through something.

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9. You find that the makeup you just applied is perfect.

Until you realise the lighting in your bedroom was totally wrong and your bronzer application makes you look three shades darker. Damn.

10. You always fight with yourself to not buy more makeup.

But this one has this new technology. And a woman can’t have too many lipsticks, right?


11. You realise you need a steady hand when applying eyeliner.

Enough said.



12. You understand that beauty is within and you get that.

But sometimes you just feel like the best version of yourself whenever you wear makeup. And that’s your right.

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