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Single women? You need to settle.





Oh yes, you read that headline correctly. An IVF specialist has advised single women in their 20s and 30s – who want a baby – to not wait around for Mr Right. And instead settle for Mr Right Now.

According to a story in, Monash IVF professor Dr Gab Kovacs has warned women of putting all their eggs in the egg-freezing basket  thinking it’s a safe-guard for them to have children down the track.

The truth is the “egg-freezing” technology is far from perfect. Instead, according to Professor Kovacs, women need to reevaluate their “perfect mate” criteria to help avoid the risk of ending up childless and disappointed.

“I think they should be working harder to find a partner or changing their criteria for Mr Right,” Professor Kovacs said.

“Maybe there is no Mr Right and you have to settle for Mr Not-Too-Bad. There is no such thing as a perfect person for anybody, and even if they’re perfect now, they won’t be perfect in five or 10 years time.”


Not married and want to be? I’ve got a solution and a third of Australians are doing it.

New Research: Not everyone finds their happily ever after, but Australian singles are prepared, a recent PC Tools survey revealed over a third of Aussies have a backup plan.

Respondents were asked whether they would consider a marriage backup plan – a plan to marry a friend should they not meet ‘the one’ by a certain age – and over 39 per cent said they would consider it, or already had one in place. Aussie single men were most open to the idea, with 40 per cent willing to contemplate a backup plan, compared to 30 per cent of women.

Once upon a time in a small country town far far away a pre-pubescent pudgy pimply faced teen sat on the front step of her parents house next to her best friend. The two had a lot in common, not the coolest kids on the block, all crooked teeth, puppy fat and uncomfortable in their sprouting bodies, the only difference was she was a she and he was a he. An unlikely friendship forged planting trees, an environmental program offered at their high school for the kids who couldn’t catch, throw, hit or bounce a ball, an alternative for the uncoordinated to make them feel needed and not useless on the weekly sports day.


Both sets of parents surprisingly were thrilled by this friendship and even fostered it knowing that both were polite, courteous, well bought up young humans but not only that, both possibly so shy and ugly enough that no funny business would occur if left alone for 5 minutes. Sadly, they were right. Both were nearly 16 and had never been kissed and feared they never would. Too stupid to even think of kissing each other, they made a pact on that front step nearly twenty years ago that if at age 30, which seemed positively ancient to them at the time, they would both marry each other.

Not long after the back up plan was forged both astoundingly found girlfriends and boyfriends, why? Perhaps the cred of having a plan B and the confidence of knowing that the future was not going to be lonely and loveless bought them the puppy love they desired.

Or in simpler terms, the law of attraction at its best.

But how did this front-step friendship fare over the next 15 years before d-day arrived?

Well, I guess the question needs to be asked, do you really need a boy for a best friend when you have proper boyfriend? At 16 the answer is no, plus a big move interstate and before we knew it the years zoomed past and we had lost contact, until the invention of FACEBOOK and we were re-united via cyber-space. I don’t really need to tell you what I was thinking when I saw his profile picture, him bald and even pudgier holding up two freshly caught fish, one in each hand, with a ciggi precariously dangling out of the corner of his mouth.

Yep, I totally thought- “WOW, he can catch 2 fish and not even drop his ciggi while doing it, that’s skill!’’

Do you have a back-up plan? Who, when and how’s it going?