FLUFF: Idina Menzel has a nip slip. Handles it better than Adele Dazeem.

Broadway goddess Idina Menzel (famous for singing Let It Go in Frozen and confusing John Travolta with her name) has done a Janet Jackson and had an accidental nipple slip on stage. Take a look:

Instead of running offstage and slipping her boob back inside her bra, Idina handled it like a true pro, asking the crowd “What? My boob’s coming out? Ooooooh, this diva needs her stage.” Then she says, “Is it in?”

Oh Idina, we feel you girl. There is nothing worse than an accidental boob outing when you’re performing a sold-out gig at Radio City Music Hall.

Ever the showgirl, the 43-year-old Oscar performer had a joke with the crowd before saying “Well f**k it, they’re real.”

Idina, can we please be friends already? Thanks.

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