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These identical twins share everything. Including a boyfriend.

Meet the Aussie DeCinque twins, who are breaking the Internet’s brain at the moment, because they share EVERYTHING.

Seriously – those capital letters are not an over-exaggeration. Anna and Lucy Di Cinque pretty much live one life.

They even spent $200,000 on identical plastic surgeries because their identical twin faces weren’t identical enough:

Anna and Lucy. Not sure which is which. But that’s the point apparently.


But the reason the Perth girls have been making international waves (they were even interviewed by The New York Post this week) is because of the most shocking thing they share:

Their boyfriend.

Anna and Lucy DeCinque share one boyfriend.

To them, it’s no biggie. After all, these girls share a job (they split shifts and pay at a nursing home), a Facebook account and an identical diet. And not only do they share a house and bedroom; they share a bed.

So the idea of sharing a man just didn’t strike them as weird:

“It’s not really weird to us,” Lucy said. “We have one boyfriend and all of us share the same bed … We have the same taste in everything, so obviously we’re going to like the same boy, too.”

Um… Makes sense?

So, how do the, you know, logistics of sharing a man actually work? Well, turns out, the girls share a sex life as well: “We’re all together when we have sex, and if we like the same guy, so be it.”

Right. Well then. The boyfriend’s identity currently remains a mystery, but the girls insist they have no shortage of suitors happy to be Prince Charming four boobs:

“When we go out, we get so many guys saying they want to marry the both of us or date the both of us,” Anna says.

So, a final breakdown. These girls share:

identical twins share boyfriend
The twins at 19. (Photo via The New York Post)


Identical Plastic Surgey

Identical Boobs

A job

A salary

A bed

A wardrobe

Identical diet

Identical exercise

A boyfriend

A sex life

Although weird, their connection does also seem a little sweet. “We can’t imagine a day when we’re not in each other’s company,” Lucy told The NYP. “And, to be honest, I don’t think that would ever happen.”

Anyone else picturing them in 50 years eating ice cream in a Grey Gardens-style mansion overrun with cats?

Here’s some more pics of the gals, just sharing a life and being identical: