#GrowingUpAustralian is the best viral hashtag of 2016.

Call it a day, people. Pack up yo’ stuff. Because #GrowingUpAustralian IS THE BEST TWITTER HASHTAG OF ALL TIME.

Confused? Let me take you through this glorious treasure trove of true blue Aussie mem’reez.

#GrowingUpAustralian is basically a whimsical wonderland of people sharing stuff that only Aussie kids grow up with (I can’t guarantee that these things only exist in ‘Straya… but for the sake of having a good time let’s just pretend that they do, okay?). I mean, where else will kids be handed a pack of fake cigarettes called Fags and nobody bats an eye FOR DECADES?

Only Australia, I tell you. Only Australia.

Here’s another of my personal favourites…

There are so many unique, iconic symbols of Australian childhood. So without further ado, here are our favourite posts from the #GrowingUpAustralian Twitter feed.

You’re so very welcome.

Can’t get enough of this Aussie madness? You know you’re from ‘Straya when…