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Here are the bloggers who have sent their submissions this week. Happy reading!

Louisa Simmonds from My Midlife Mayhem on why shopping with some men is worse than shopping with a toddler in her post Top tip for shopping with men.
The annual shopping trip has to be prepared for rigorously. It has to be booked at least two months in advance so that he can mentally prepare for it. During that time he will convince himself several times that he doesn’t actually need anything and attempt to back out.
He did try on-line shopping once – a few months ago when I inadvertently dyed all five office shirts pink in the wash. It seemed the obvious solution for him at the time. The process was relatively stress-free until the new shirts didn’t turn up on time, then two batches arrived at once, (rather like buses), so he had the torture of having to return one set to the UK which involved finding the local Post Office – can you imagine the horror?
Read the rest of Louisa's post here.

Josefa Pete from Always Josefa shares a story about how a random encounter made her appreciate average burgers, and moments of unexpected generosity in her post Random act of kindness.

“Excuse me Sir, I saw you looking for food, so I bought you a pizza.”
I turned around to see a tall, poised woman, in her smart business suit, handing over a cardboard pizza box to the man. She was sharp and concise. As soon as she handed him the pizza, she turned on her heel, stepped onto the escalator and was gone. There was no exchange of thank you, no exchange of any more words at all.

Read the rest of Josefa's post here.

Katy Berry of The (mildly) opinionated manager explains how ongoing conflicts at work often provide the key to moving forward (and your own personality) in her post Micromanagement as a performance intervention. Can it work?

Well, I had my little tantrum yesterday, and now that I’ve got it out of my system I want to look a little bit closer, and with a lot more seriousness, at some of the things that I have done (or supported others in doing) and how they might have contributed to the problems that are currently frustrating me – that is, ongoing conflict between members of my team.

All interpersonal conflict is complex – it can’t be explained by a single action or reaction, but one point that I want to focus on and explore is the impact of micro-management on staff conflict.  What sparked off this line of thought was a colleague telling me that micro-management EQUALS bullying.

Read the rest of Katy's post here.

Keri Arkell of Awesomely Unprepared give some excellent advice to first-time mums who think they can plan things such as a baby's birth and sleeping schedule in her post, Don't bother having a birth 'plan'.

My advice to first time pregnant mums is to throw out any notion that you are in charge and that everything will happen the way you want it to, because you’ve thought positively, avoided all negative horror stories and you’ve got a birth plan. Hasn’t anyone heard?? You have a birth plan! You did research! People who do research are better at this, right? Everything’s going to go just as you want it to! The truth is, positive thinking and making smart choices are never a bad thing – in fact, I recommend them. However, they don’t make a ‘good’ labour (ie the one you hope for) a sure thing.

Read the rest of Keri's post here.

Dragana Lolic of Light.Love.Soul examine our behaviour, how the simplest of things are the most fun and why we second-guess ourselves in her beautiful post Perfection in the hardest of moments.

There are many things in life that intrigue me. Like how a baby can stare at it's own foot for hours with utter amazement. Or how a cat can sit around a house for days and not get bored. Really, there is only so much lazing around that I could do before wanting to crawl out of my own skin. Doesn't a cat feel like that? Surely at some point it gets bored.

Sorry I digress. Where was I? Yes, the things that intrigue me. Well one thing that I cant quite wrap my head around is how unkind we can be to ourselves. And the unrealistic expectations we have of our lives.

Read the rest of Dragana's post here.


Carly Findlay writes an important message about how to prepare your children to meet people who don't look the same as most in Preparing children for meeting people with visible differences.

I once stayed with a family who I thought should have known better. A family who has known me my whole life. They should have been prepared. For two days, I endured two children – aged six and eight – not looking at me. Being afraid. Not speaking to me unless prompted by their parents. It was tiring.

Their cuteness waned fast. I spent much of the time being polite, smiling my discomfort away, trying to make conversation. I asked the children's parents if I should explain about my skin. No, they told me. Then I asked them straight out, in front of their parents, do they want to ask me anything about my face? No. No. And still no conversation was made. In the end I told them, "I'm not talking to you if you're not talking to me."

Read the rest of Carly's post here.

Julia Alexander of Perfect Wife Magazine takes us through what she thinks is and isn't acceptable whilst travelling on a plane in her hilarious post, Jet-tiquette.

Please wear shoes – It seems to be a frighteningly common custom for people to slip their shoes off as soon as they make themselves comfortable in their seat.  As if wearing thongs on a plane is not offensive enough, passengers now think nothing of going the full foot Monty and baring warts and all.

If something is sensitive enough to be ticklish – it should not be exposed on a plane.

Please also consider wearing deodorant

Read the rest of Julia's post here.

Erin Patel of Coffee talk with Erin: Bookgirloz reviews a new book by the brilliant Jodi Picoult in her post The Book Club.

My favourite pass time is reading to my children and I am itching to get into some of the classics for older children such as Roald Dahl’s books, the Secret Garden, Anne of Green Gables and others (too many to list). There are also so many great children’s books available for slightly older readers which I’m hanging out to show my daughters. My girls and I spend time at our local library every week, an activity that beats anything expensive and organised that I can think of. But let’s get back to the book of the month, Jodi Picoult’s The Storyteller.

Read the rest of Erin's post here.

Caylie Jeffery of Distractions of a busy mother discusses the new Aussie version of PMT in her post PMT: Prime Minister Turmoil. We bet you've never seen politics written about like this.
Social Media is going crazy with declarations of love or hate, sorrow or glee, anger or elation. I can only assume that these feelings are a result of well-informed thoughts, ideals and beliefs about the state of today's political situation. I must have been sick the day they taught 2013 Truth and Clarity in Australian Politics, because frankly, I just don't know what to think.
Read the rest of Caylie's post here.
Bianca Slade of Wholefood Simply discuss self-acceptance, admiration vs envy and shares yet another healthy recipe in her post Better than Muesli.
It has taken 31 years but I have found myself at a place of acceptance. I know longer compare myself to others or strive to be the person next door. For so many years I fought my flaws, I felt desperate for change, I did not like myself and nor did I feel likable. Those flaws are still there, but they have become quirks that I now embrace. I am far from perfect, and everyday I endeavor to be better than I was yesterday. However, I have let go of the wish for transformation; accept me, love me, but do not ask for change, that game has been played.
Read the rest of Bianca's post here.
Stephanie Rogers of She said what? writes bravely about the amicable breakdown of her marriage and shares the reason why in her post Change – It's nothing like a holiday.
For those of you that don’t know, the man I have been with for 16 years, the father of my children and I are calling it quits. It hasn’t been a bad marriage. We aren’t fighting. We haven’t stopped getting along. We haven’t even stopped loving each other. So what is the reason for this monumental, earth changing decision? I am gay. Yep, that’s right. Pick up your jaw off the floor. This girl is 100% totally, absolutely gay.
Read the rest of Stephanie's post here.

Kym Campradt of Campo on the run talks about how preparing for a half-marathon can help you learn a lot about yourself in her post Belief, sweat and tears.

So it’s about 10 days until I run my first half marathon.  Phew.  It’s so close now.  I’ve started to see the road closure signs go up and watched the Youtube video advertising this great event that is the Gold Coast Airport Marathon.  I’m getting goose bumps just thinking about it and have just come to the realisation that I will probably cry when I cross the finish line.  It might be because Mr C has decided to not come and watch… I think he’s just geeing me up.  I hope…

Read the rest of Kym's post here.

Renee Wilson of Mummy, wife me talks about the sight that greeted her after her kids spent their day being looked after by dad in her post Daddy Daycare.

I could hear their excited squeals from out on the street. I couldn’t wait to get inside and cover them in cuddles and kisses. Had they missed me? Did they have fun? Had they had their dinner? Were they ready for bed? Did Dave think it was hard? These questions darted through my mind as I fumbled with the key in the door.

I opened the door expecting my almost-three-year-old, Curly-locks, to come racing toward me to give me a hug. She didn’t. I hid my disappointment and quickly surveyed the scene before me.

Read the rest of Renee's post here.

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