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Here are the bloggers who have sent their submissions this week. Happy reading!

Amanda Reboul of My Champagne Daze reminds us that making the effort to go out with friends – even when you're tired, busy and don't feel like it – is worth it in her post There's a little bit of magic in those bubbles.

Five hours before this photo was taken I did not feel like being seen in public. The world was coming to an end as far as I was concerned. I was over-worked, overwrought and felt more like staying home with a mug of steaming hot chocolate wrapped up in my snuggly, watching the latest episode of Bones than having a night on the town.

But, my champagne twin and partner in crime had invited me to attend the Australian launch of Canard-Duchêne, so I had to do something drastic to pull myself out of my mood.

Read the rest of Amanda's post here.

Zanni Louise of My Little Sunshine House writes about trying to spend a little more carefully – especially around her children – in her post Frugal June.

On Sunday I found myself saying ‘yes’ to a ridiculous barbie $12 mermaid thing. It was a ‘handmade’ barbie, but it was still a barbie, and it was still $12. She didn’t need it, but I bought it for her.

Although I don’t want to indulge her in toys and other material goodies, I have in the back of my head this logic: She sees me buy useless things for myself, so why should I have double standards for her?

Read the rest of Zanni's post here.

Keri Arkell of Awesomely Unprepared talks about how haters have motivated her to achieve in her brilliant post I remember and smile.
So often you hear of these stories. The kid who was told they couldn’t sing a note becoming a successful singer, the one who was supposed to struggle with writing becoming a journalist or an author. The kid who had a tough start, put down from day one by their own loved ones, becoming a successful career person. There’s nothing sweeter than proving you’re more than you once appeared.

I wonder where my old boss is today. I feel genuine compassion for her. I hope she found a way to be happy so that she can make those around her happy.

Read the rest of Keri's post here.

Louisa Simmonds of My Midlife Mayhem has send in a fabulous rant about the 'f' word she's embraced – it's not what you think – in her post Embracing the 'f' word in middle age.
What can I say? I’m a late-developer. The great thing about life though, is it’s never too late to embrace new ideas, is it?

Of course Feminism is not exactly a new idea – I just never truly understood the underpinning implications of it before – for which I must humbly apologize and grovel to  Suffragettes and Bra-burners alike.

Read the rest of Louisa's post here.

Shirley Harring of Rhubarb Whine describes her unfortunate encounter with shapewear in her post Doing the Nancy Gaze Dance.

I attended a charity event recently. It promised to be a pretty swish event, and being the well prepared girl that I am, I  had bought a rather pretty, girly fitted dress for the occasion.  I knew that no matter what undies I put on, VPL *was* going to be an issue  so, under advisement of a gorgeous  friend who is always well dressed and rather stunning, I set off to purchase the recommended undergarments. “Nancy Ganz”, she said, “are the ant’s pants”. And she patted her gorgeous little figure. “See?”

Next thing I know, I am standing in the change room trying to wriggle myself into iron clad elastic.

Read the rest of Shirley's post here.

Lynda Tracey of All about mama takes us through some practical steps to get back in shape after baby, however reluctantly in her most How to stay (or become) fit and healthy after giving birth and beyond  (Part 2).

I remember after having had my first baby and after returning home the midwife came over for a checkup. One of her first questions was whether I had taken the baby out for a walk, she thought it was a very good idea. I'm sure I must have looked at her with an expression of sleep deprived bewilderment. Um, hello, no...Firstly, I'd just had a caesarian four days ago where shuffling around the house was the only sort of movement I was up for. Secondly, I lived in a very hilly suburb where walking could be quite a feat even at the best of times and thirdly, my baby had just had her first night at home which was quite an ordeal in itself (not to mention three nights in a shared room public hospital where getting any sleep is virtually impossible).

Read the rest of Lynda's post here.

Caylie Jeffery of Distractions of a busy mother describes what it's like to have your spots checked by a VERY attractive doctor in her post Freckly at 40: An Encounter with Dr McDreamy.

And what was I thinking about the dim lighting? It was a Skin cancer check, for crying out loud! Two thousand watt fluoro lighting that showed every little blemish.

Dr Dashing made me get all my gear off, bar the daggy undies. The tiny, little sheet he gave me was threatening to give away a lot more than I was willing to show, but even as I lay there worrying about my cellulite, I still caught myself staring at the back of his long, smooth neck when he bent over my lower legs...

Read the rest of Caylie's post here.

Stephanie Rogers of She Said What presents the work of her very talented 9-year-old daughter who repackaged some meme's (funny photos with captions) and used her family as inspiration in her post Help - my daughter has discovered memes!
An interesting thing has happened at my house this week, little miss 9 has discovered how to make and send internet memes via kik messenger!

How does this make life more interesting? Well might you ask… let me take you through a few examples…

I was going out for dinner Saturday night. That left Dad in charge of things at home. Via kik messenger he received this little gem…

Read the rest of Stephanie's post here.

Bianca Slade of Wholefood Simply reviews an amazing cookbook in her post "Gather - the essence of eating" which has us feeling hungry!

The Shrimp Fried Cauliflower Rice you see in the top picture has became a staple in our house. Quick, easy, and better than any fried rice I am yet to come across. It is a perfect family meal, and an ideal substitute for takeaway.

Let’s get our cutlery sets out again, send invites to our nearest and dearest, and ‘Gather’ for the joy, laughter, and magic memories that sharing food creates.

Read the rest of Bianca's post here.

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