"I was tricked into losing my virginity to a woman I thought was a man."

This weekend, Megan Adie shared her traumatic, bewildering story with the world.

Three years ago, when she was just 15 years old, Megan was duped into having sex with a 23-year-old woman who was pretending to be a schoolboy.

Speaking on the Jeremy Kyle Show beside her now boyfriend, Megan told Kyle about how she met Chris Wilson, who she believed to be 17-years-old, at a theme park before developing a romantic relationship with him.

Megan lost her virginity to Chris, and only after having sex with him on 39 occasions did she realise that Chris was in fact a woman by the name of Christine Wilson, 26.

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Megan speaking to Jeremy Kyle. (Image via ITV)

“She looked like a boy, she sounded like a boy,” the now 18-year-old told the horrified audience, explaining that Chris would only have sex with her in the dark whilst pinning her arms down. Using the excuse that he was bullied as a child, Chris told Megan he was uncomfortable with people seeing his body. As a virgin, she was unaware that this sexual dynamic was unconventional.

“I was raised to have respect for morals I didn’t want to lose my virginity at a stupid age. I had never had sex with anyone or seen a penis before.

“I had my head in my books and I wanted to succeed.”

The relationship lasted eight months before Megan discovered that Chris was in fact a woman.

“Investigators from the police came and asked me to tell them everything I knew about Chris. I was told he was in fact a female.”

“[I felt] disgusted, humiliated, ashamed and embarrassed and also scared and confused.

“I didn’t understand what she had done to me or what her crime was.”

Megan alongside current boyfriend, Jordan.

In April of 2013, Chris was charged with two counts of obtaining sexual intimacy by fraud to which he pleaded guilty. Ultimately, he was given three months’ probation in conjunction with a community service arrangement.


It was not the first time Chris had a sexual relationship with a teenager whilst posing as a man. In 2008, he had sex with a woman and, without her knowledge, used a sex toy.

Chris has now fully transitioned and has said that while he is remorseful for his behaviour, Megan needs to “get over it”.

In a statement, Chris said: “I regret what I did to Megan. At the time I was living as the person I should have been. I didn’t mean to take advantage of her but I don’t understand why she keeps trying to get publicity from it. I have had my punishment and moved on. I have now had my gender surgery and Megan now needs to get over it too.”

Watch the interview below (post continues after video).

But Megan vehemently believes her story is one that should be shared.

“I am saving other people from being hurt and getting damaged. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.”

And we’ve got to say it — we agree with her.