Masterchef's Amy: "Now that I'm home we'll keep trying with IVF."

She disguised a cheesecake as a fruit platter and it sent her home. But this Masterchef has a bigger creation in mind.

Amy Shield’s showed focus and determination during her time on MasterChef. The 37-year-old decided to enter the show because she finally wanted to pursue her cooking dream. “Food is what I’m good at, and to be able to do what I’m good at, to do what I love and get paid for it, would be a real blessing.”

Amy says she felt ready to leave as soon as she made it to the top ten, and now plans to resume IVF treatment immediately.

But now that she's been eliminated, Amy has another, more important project to focus on. She plans to resume immediate IVF treatment. And she'll need all the focus and determination she can muster.

Amy was given a second chance on this year's series of MasterChef but was ultimately eliminated last night when she failed to impress the brilliant Heston Blumenthan in the 'culinary deception dish' challenge.

The talented cook was forced to put her family plans on hold to complete in the show. Now that she's back home in Perth, Amy, 37, and her husband Craig will resume fertility treatment. She has five nieces and nephews who live nearby but dreams of a child of her own.

However their struggle to have a family together has been further complicated by Craig recently being made redundant from his accountancy job. “It’s very expensive though and my husband was only recently made redundant from his job as a chartered accountant, so we’re both not working,” she said.

Amy's fertility battle began when she was diagnosed with gynaecological cancer 10 years ago. She is in remission but has struggled to fall pregnant. “Now that I’m home we’ll keep trying with IVF,” she said.

“It’s tough emotionally, mentally and financially, but we’ll persevere and it’ll happen. Having a baby is our priority. We’re waiting for our miracle. We’re confident it will happen."

Amy also plans to launch a catering business to help fund her treatment. She also aspires to write cook books.

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Having a baby isn’t always easy, and for some couples trying to conceive comes at a heavy emotional cost. If you’re getting nowhere, or are facing the stress and anxiety of fertility treatments, here are some tips to help you cope.

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