'I used to laugh at my mother - now I am her.'

Jayne with her boys


It’s Saturday night at 8.30pm and I’m tucked up in my bed.

Laptop? Check.

Electric blanket? Check.

Cup of tea on my bedside table? Check.

10 years ago, this type of Saturday night behaviour would have only been acceptable if I had pulled an all-nighter the night before, and even then, there would have been an expectation to “back up”.  It really doesn’t seem like that long ago, but I guess a lot can happen in 10 years.

There are a few mild differences that I’ve noticed between my life then and now;

My coffee tasted slightly different in the old days – it was HOT.

I used to just sit down, and eat my dinner– and not have to negotiate with anyone else to eat theirs.

I used to just mind my own “business” (literally) – as crazy as some of those nights were, there was never a need to wipe anyone else’s bum.

Silence was golden – now it means that something, somewhere in my house is about to be broken.

The feeling of euphoria that I used to feel when dancing upon a podium after 15 drinks, I now get when I hear my vacuum suck up a piece of lego.

Sleeping in was something that I took for granted in my previous nocturnal life with a motto of “party all night and sleep all day”.  Now, on the rare chance that I get to go out and shake my groove thang, I find myself in a pit of regret by about 6am when my eyes are pried open by chubby 3 year old fingers, ready to endure the longest day of my life and pay for all of my sins.

I used to sing in the car at the top of my lungs, and I still do – although now it comes with complaints from the back seat about how bad my voice is (it just makes me stronger).

I used to climb a corporate ladder, and now I’m the CEO of my household – responsible for every little thing that happens, school, sports, parties, timetables, bath, bed, medicine and lunch boxes  – it’s multi-tasking on steroids.  Certificate IV of Motherhood.


I used to wander down to the beach with…. a towel – that’s it, one towel and maybe a book.  Now, a day at the beach consists of 2 bags, 4 towels, a sun-tent, buckets, spades, wetsuits, surfboards and an endless supply of snacks.  Reading a book is about as likely as being able to fold the sun-tent back into its original casing when we pack up to leave.

I used to laugh at my mother – now I am her (albeit without Crocs).

Grocery shopping was just another job to do which I barely gave any thought to, but now, if I do manage to do it on my own I find myself wandering aimlessly down the aisles, gliding slowly along the back of the trolley, loving every minute of the limited time that I am alone – I am essentially ”hiding” in a supermarket.

In my other life, I was selfish with my time and it was delightful! I spent my work days and nights in the busy city loving every bit of its hustle and bustle.  Weekends were spent at the beach reading a book, a dip in the salt water to cure a hangover, long breakfasts reading newspapers, shopping in inner city boutiques, dinner parties, dancing, laughing and catching more cabs than Carrie Bradshaw.

I vaguely even remember the luxury of being “bored”.

It is a distant memory and a world away from what my life is like now, yet I’m happier than I ever was before.  The 2 little boys that I donate my every breath and ounce of my energy to are the best company I could have ever imagined and I don’t want to miss a moment of them.

I loved my old life…..but even with its hot coffee, it had nothing on this one.

Jayne Moloney is a Promotions & Entertainment Manager, mother of 2 small boys and a Journalism student who spends her spare time people watching and laughing at herself. You can read her blog here.

How has your life changed since having kids? If you don’t have kids – how do you imagine your life would change?