The ridiculous lengths some women go to for That Ring.

Forget surprises, an engagement ring needs to be just right.

One in six women absolutely hate their engagement ring.

That is one too many in my opinion.

And all those that aren’t happy with their ring, nearly half said they gave their partner detailed instructions.

So what’s the deal? Well, in the same study, men said that choosing the ring was more nerve-wracking than standing at the other end of the aisle on the wedding day.

Okay, I understand. Getting the ring of their dreams must be tough. And sure, we all want a little magical-surprise ‘I didn’t even think he was going to propose’. But let’s drop the act. By the time he (or she) pops the question, you’ve (hopefully) both had the future talk and you both know marriage is on the card. And with marriage, comes a ring.

So, hinting at what kind of a ring you would like is no biggie. It doesn’t take the magic out of the moment. Trust me.

My now-husband and I went ring shopping before he popped the question. The timing and proposal was still completely unexpected. And yes, I knew what was in that little box. But it didn’t ruin it.

But if you still want to drop little hints…you can always be inspired by what these women did to get the ring of their dreams.

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“How I knew she was the one.”

Don’t judge me but… I hate my engagement ring.

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