Listen to the exact moment a couple find out they're having twins.

They already had two. They wanted a third. And then they found out there would also be a fourth.

Imagine this.

You’re pregnant with your third child, you love your first two more than anything and wanted to add one more to that love. You go into your first scan, you have the routine down pat, but then the doctor tells you you’re having not one, but two babies.


How many times in your life have you been truly surprised?

I mean, well and truly out of the ball park surprised? It hasn’t happened to me very much in my life, mainly because of my extreme need to know details, I was the kid who hunted for Christmas presents and Easter eggs. I am the wife who asks her husband a bunch of questions to break down what my birthday present may be.

I have been a parent for almost seven years, there is three and a half years between my first and second child.

Felicity and her family.

I remember how easy life was with one, we’d hang out all day together and she was so well socialised that taking her to a restaurant or cafe was at times easier than taking some adults. She was an excellent traveler and just a sweet, happy little child.

When our second child came along, he was such a delightfully chilled out baby, he would sleep and eat and play and sleep and eat and play. He was such a lovely baby that I wanted to make another one just like him.

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So we very loosely made a decision to ‘try’ for another child.

Mikey and I are extremely fortunate to have no trouble with conceiving a child, but there was still the possibility that it may take some time. Our loosely try approach only lasted one ‘try’, I was pregnant after a holiday to Brisbane, Queensland, where my husband grew up. This pregnancy was meant to happen and for reasons we would not fully understand for sometime.


I seem to suffer greatly with morning sickness, this pregnancy took it to another level though. I was so ill that I was unable to get out of bed most days. Around 8 weeks into the pregnancy, I semi-joked to my husband that we must be having twins as I was so ill.

It was like a never ending hangover, but the worst hangover of your life. I remember the exact moment, where I was standing (spewing) we had a little ‘imagine that’ laugh and then didn’t discuss it again. I mean seriously, can you imagine four kids?

We were booked in for our routine 12 week scan, we were excited to see our baby, our family and people on a need-to-know basis knew, its really hard to hide a third pregnancy bump as you look about 6 weeks later than what you actually are.

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What you are about to listen to is the audio of our first scan, when we discover we are having twins. There are no surprises that can top this, its pretty embarrassing in parts to share this on the Internet as I sound like a twit, but at the same time its awesome. You will mostly hear reaction of shock mixed with disbelief, laughter and my husband remaining a little lost for words.

That was the day our lives changed forever.

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Do you have twins? Do you know anyone who has? Have you ever had any surprises with pregnancies?