‘I don’t diet. I just have a fast metabolism.”

joely richards – from Nip Tuck. ouch.

Oh yes. And I’m Kevin Rudd. I’ve had many a whinge in the past about celebrities lying about how they maintain their looks. There’s a great story in the UK Mail that backs me up – they’ve spoken to Hollywood trainers who dish some spectacular dirt on ‘un-named’ stars and the batshit crazy things they do to stay skinny.
Like the star of Cold Mountain who, on set, would only eat boiled eggs. Three per day. And the actress who didn’t eat food, just coffee and lettuce. And how Paris Hilton – and others – go to restaurants and don’t order food, just mineral water which they sip while their dining companions chow down.
Or the stars who check into clinics and get hooked up to IV drips to avoid eating all together. And the laxatives and the drugs and the cigarettes….oh what healthy lives they lead. And for what? To have bones sticking out on the red carpet?