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GROUP THERAPY: My ex-husband is cheating on his new girlfriend. Should I tell her?

Last weekend, an email arrived in the Mamamia submissions inbox. It read…

Hi Mamamia team,

I need some advice please.

At the start of last year my husband and I broke up after nearly three years of marriage. It took five months for his mistress to call me to tell me all the details about their affair; including that when he moved out of our house for four months, giving us an opportunity “to work on our relationship” he had actually moved in with her to continue their relationship.

Tuesday last week I ran into her on the street and after an awkward few minutes of walking in the same direction she approached me.

She told me more details of their affair and I learned that it was more than just sex and she was in love with him. No excuse and to be honest I feel sorry for her as she can’t get away from him.

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Thankfully in the last 18 months I have realised how much happier I am without him and I am very glad I am not involved with his lies anymore.

She mentioned that she was still seeing him/sleeping with him. Interesting considering he has a new girlfriend and has been with her for about a year. I didn’t know if she was telling the truth so believe it or not we caught up for a drink. This is where I saw the messages. Proving without a doubt that he is cheating again.

So this is where I need advice…

I feel this moral obligation to tell his new girlfriend. I have heard from my circles that they are serious and are thinking about moving in together.

My girlfriends are split. Some think I should tell her, others think it’s not my problem and I should walk away.

I know I will be painted as the jealous/crazy ex-wife. But do I have an obligation knowing what I know to do something about it? Is this the girl code?

I wish someone had warned me about what he was like. Can I save her some pain?

What do you think she should do? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.