'I can't go on dates or commit to relationships because of my small penis.'


The dating game is hard. It takes strength, and confidence, and to an extent, a lack of inhibitions. Going out on a whim and asking someone on a date can be made even harder if you’re painfully afraid of embarrassment.

And that is precisely the case for sub-Redditor damndongnabbit. He is terrified of rejection because of the size of his penis.

He writes:

I’m just going to vent a little if that’s okay

I got a small penis of like 2″ flaccid and about 5″ erect without any girth. I am not entirely bad looking but I can’t go out on dates with girls because I’m afraid they’ll just be unsatisfied with what I got.

I made a Tindr but I never met up with any matches because I was afraid that I would be made fun of. I was afraid that they would see me naked and just laugh so I deleted it.

I had a relationship about 2 years ago and the girl was feeling for my dick and when she felt it she gave me a look of disappointment. Didn’t talk to me after. That hurt a lot, bros.

The man’s confidence has sunk so low, he now avoids all manner of social situations. “At this point I don’t even want to leave my house and besides going to school twice a week and work,” he writes. He is desperate for a functioning penis-enlargement device, and says he would buy its inventor a beer every weekend for the rest of their life.

Man computer pexels
“At this point I don’t even want to leave my house and besides going to school twice a week and work.” (Image: Pexels)

The reason he has chosen to post his concerns in the rabbit-hole that is Reddit is because he has found a new love interest and is keenly seeking advice from residents of the Internet.


“I am starting to get really close to this girl, I don’t know where it’ll lead, but I don’t want to sabotage the intimacy because of my below average penis. This thing has affected me negatively throughout my entire life and I hate looking down at it and looking in the mirror because it’s so damn small. I just want to turn this negative image I have of myself around but I haven’t been able to.

Anyone out there have any success stories? Any advice?”

And of course, Reddit users were quick to respond. Most of them recognising that a tiny todger wasn’t this guy’s real problem. The real issue was his self-esteem.

“5 inches isn’t so bad,” writes one Reddit user. “The thing that’s going to ruin it for you is your lack of confidence.”

“I don’t really base my attraction on a guy off the size of there (sic) penis,” wrote another. “More about the personality and confidence level, you need to learn to have confidence in yourself and who you are.”

The Mamamia team confess their most embarrassing sex moments (post continues after video):

One women wanted to assure the man  that size really doesn’t matter to everyone. “The quality of sex has nothing to do with penis size. At least not in my experience. When you find a girl who enjoys being with you for all the right reasons, the size of your penis won’t make much of a difference to her. And if she’s that superficial, you don’t want to be with her anyway.”

Many commenters assured the man that at 5 inches, his penis was in fact perfectly average.

Perhaps the most practical advice of all came from kittenlit, who suggested damndongnabbit not put all his sexual eggs in one basket. “Foreplay, by the way, is going to be key — your partners aren’t going to say squat if you can make them melt with your fingers or mouth,” they said.

“Dicks are cheap, but a wily tongue is gold.”

That might just be the greatest piece of advice in Reddit history.

And that’s saying something.