This isn't a sponsored post. But you NEED to buy tickets to this movie.


There is one group of people on earth that suffer more persecution than any other. And that group, is girls.

Girls who have to worry about how they and their family will cope financially, after losing their father in the war in Afghanistan. Girls who have to worry about how their marriage to a 39 year-old man will turn out, when they are aged are only 19. Girls who have to worry about whether they will be able to deliver their baby into the world safely.

Girls who face threats to their lives. Every. Single. Day.

I Am A Girl is a documentary that finally sheds some much needed light on some of those stories. Funded by philanthropic grants and donations, the film highlights six real stories from six real girls.

It explores what it really means to be a girl in the 21st century – whether you live in Australia, Papua New Guinea, America, Afghanistan, Cambodia or Cameroon. And what it really means? Is terrifying.

Director and producer Rebecca Barry summed it up best when she said, “The cold hard reality is that if you are born a girl in this world today, in every measurable way you will be at a disadvantage. Yet in spite of these obstacles, girls have found extraordinary ways to persevere.”

I Am a Girl opens today (28th August) and goes until 1st September at the Chauvel Cinema in Sydney and on 5th-8th September at Cinema Nova in Melbourne. Buy your tickets here or at cinemas.