I always wanted to be a model

Have you ever taken a close look at the models in high-end fashion magazines and thought about how ridiculous their poses are? I mean, who lies along park benches with one arm in the air or stands against a wall looking pouty? How often do you jump in the air in heels?

Tracey Spicer spoke about this clip by Spanish artist Yolanda Dominguez when she was on Mamamia on Sky recently. In the video, Dominguez has people pose like high-end fashion models in public places to highlight the ridiculousness of the poses.

Tracey said: “She’s gone out onto the street and she’s gotten ordinary women who are doing their shopping to pretend to be models in high end fashion magazines.”

“I’m a feminist and I love ranting about this but you make a better point through humor and what she’s doing is decontextualising and showing the irony of how absurb these high-end fashion magazines.”

Have a look:

Oh, and while we’re on the subject, check out these hilarious ‘Men Ups’ shots of men in those awkward poses usually reserved for women.

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