Torturing models is so hot right now.

I’m calling it, being a model is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Yes, you have undeniable genetic gifts. And yes, clothes probably hang from you with ease like you are a human hills hoist.

But being professionally good looking would be a bloody nightmare.

Aside from being really hungry all the time, models are routinely subjected to some real indignities.

Take this little display from Hussein Chalayan’s Spring show, where lab coats disappear when models are drenched in cold water:

Water soluble fashion at Chalayan. C’est genial!!! Beyond!!! @chalayanstudio

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As a fully grown adult who is currently wearing reef sandals at work, I don’t purport to know anything about the world of high fashion, or performance art, or whatever the hell I just watched, but look at that girl’s face.

Just. Look.


No amount of people buying you things, flying you places or wanting to have sex with you makes that a good time.

And to be quite honest, does the world really need soluble lab coats? What are the actual odds that you’re going to be going from science lab to cocktail party on a rainy evening? That’s all I am saying.

Then there was also this.

That time the fashion world was so out of ideas the models just had to wear each other…


The designer behind the human fanny-pack, Rick Owens, was praised for yet another avant-garde runway show for this human rights’ violation.

He, by the way, was responsible for that time penises were hailed as the accessory of . (You can see the NSFW pics here.)

In explaining his latest fleshy must have, Owens said it was a tribute to female strength, “women supporting women”.

I’m all for women supporting women, but also those poor women.

Imagine carrying your work colleague around on an empty stomach! Ouch.

In conclusion, fashion: I get it, but also I don’t get it even slightly.


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