'My wife secretly paid our wedding photographer extra for an infuriating request.'

A frustrated husband has turned to Reddit for advice after discovering his wife secretly paid their wedding photographer to exclude her from every photo.

The 25-year-old explained his wife had been camera-shy throughout their six-year relationship.

“When we first started dating she would delete any photograph I took of her,” he said.

“She permitted a few if no one else saw them. She doesn’t have any social media accounts either.”

He went on to relay how she had later confessed the thought of somebody taking photos would have impacted her enjoyment of the day.

“She didn’t want to worry about someone taking pictures of her on her special day,” he said.

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The recently-married man went on to share how the intimate ceremony was the first time he had ever seen his partner wear a dress.

"My wife looked absolutely beautiful and happy. She doesn't really dress up and this was the first time I had even seen her in a dress, so it was a welcome surprise," he said.

"Our families are asking for wedding pictures and I don't know what to tell them."

The post ended with a call out for readers to weigh in on whether his anger was justified and what he should do about resolving it.

"I can't seem to let this go, even though it's been a couple days. What do I do?" he said.

One reader urged the husband to encourage his wife to attend counselling as they experienced a similar situation with their now deceased mother.

"My mum was like that too. She yelled at me as a kid of I tried to get a picture of her at Christmas or whatever... it sucked. Now I'm 40 and she's been dead for six years. I literally have 3 pictures of her… This is a symptom of a much larger problem… Get her into therapy before you have kids," they said.


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Another reader suggested contacting the photographer to check whether he had taken any photos of her incidentally or without her consent.

"Before you spend lots of money trying to recreate the night for new photos, make sure you call him up and talk to him on your own," they said.

One reader recommended the husband addressed the issue now to prevent it occurring in future memorable moments.

"Don't let it go. You'll be sorry in the future if you have no pictures. What will happen when you have kids, if you have them? No pictures holding the newborn? No family photos to send out? No cameras on birthdays, on Christmas, on holidays?" They said.

"This is a big deal and it also reveals some serious phobia or self-esteem issue that needs to be dealt with. These sorts of things get WORSE with time if untreated, not better."

Other readers suggest he insist the pair agree to recreate the wedding day or simply have photos taken while in their bridal best.

What would you have said?