The prank he played on his wife isn't harmless. It's disgusting and deeply cruel.




Roman Atwood could quite possibly be the biggest asshole on the planet right now because what father could possibly think this was a ‘funny’ joke to play on his wife.

The American comedian and prankster has made international headlines after pulling one of the cruellest “jokes” of all time on his unsuspecting wife. With the help of his older son, Atwood pretended to accidentally throw his toddler, dressed in a Spider-Man outfit, over their balcony.

Atwood used a dummy dressed in the same superhero suit and set up cameras in his California home to capture his distraught wife’s reaction.

The footage is distressing, even though viewers know the video is a prank and that the child is safe. The mother is shown screaming and rushing down the stairs to what she believes is her lifeless son, while Atwood laughs at her distress.

After she realises it is was all a prank, Atwood tells her he is sorry, because it was “just a little joke”.

She replies by telling him he will be sleeping on the couch that night – which is a pretty lenient sentence in our opinion, considering the poor woman believed her son had been killed just moments before. In fact, we’d almost call this stunt psychological abuse.

Naturally, Atwood uploaded the “hilarious” footage to YouTube, titled ‘Killing My Own Kid PRANK!!’, and it has already attracted close to 5 million views.

We’re guessing Atwood won’t be winning any husband of the year awards any time soon.