VIDEO: The REAL Hunger Games (according to some very bad lip-reading).






If, like us, you are really into The Hunger Games right now (actually, even if you’re not), this is definitely for you.

This Bad Lip Reading video shows us that we all had the Hunger Games very wrong. It turns out Catching Fire wasn’t actually about a strong young woman over-coming fear and oppression while being forced- once again- to fight to the death in a post-apocalyptic dictatorship.

It’s actually a musical. And Katniss is actually a giant creeper who whispers a lot, and has a pet iguana/lover named Frank. Gale maintains his healthy rig with a cardboard diet (coming soon to a pharmacy near you). And Peeta? He’s really into feet.

Before you go and see Mockingjay- you should WATCH THIS.

Although, it does leave you asking: Who the hell is Fempy Doo?