The 'problem' that didn't make it into Hughesy's new show involved his 8 year old son.

Juggling his radio show with Kate Langbroek, and his upcoming comedy tour, Hughesy’s latest venture has him donning on his Agony Aunt hat, and addressing the needs of the people.

Screening on Channel 10, Hughesy, We Have A Problem features the comedian answering “real problems” from viewers and his guests.

As he says, “We might not be able to help you, but I want to hear about your actual issues.” Sharing is caring after all.

However there’s one problem that didn’t quite make it on air and it’s something that every parent can relate to.

It involves his eight year old son Rafferty, the 2017 AFL grand final and a particularly incriminating photo of his child that Hughesy’s wife Holly will not let him post onto his social media.

However, we’ve been assured that it will most definitely be doing the rounds at his 21st.

Here we go! #aflgf????

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During last year’s AFL grand final between Richmond and the Adelaide Crows, Hughesy did what any doting dad would and managed to score tickets to the much-hyped game.

“The tickets were very expensive,” explained the comedian. “I had to buy them off an AFL player in a covert operation, because they’re not allowed to sell them.”

It was all smiles, they were 100m from the game, and then The Crows started losing and so did poor young Rafferty.

“We left just after three-quarter time, he was crying so much and I thought this was affecting the happy time of all the Richmond supporters,” he said.

However, after “three hours” of crying, Hughesy changed his tactic.

“I just kept on taking photos off him crying cause it was amusing me,” he says… you know, for the memories.

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While this particular bit was only filmed for the pre-run and won’t be aired, he says it got a “big laugh from the audience.” And in reality, what parent hasn’t suffered at the tyrannical reign of an unhappy child, be it at the supermarket, in the middle of ‘couch shopping’ or during one of the biggest sporting moments of the year. Because a child’s fury doth not discriminate.


In reality, it only takes around 1.53 seconds for a child to go from angelic blessing to demonic force, something that the comedian, and father of three is very familiar with.

“The thing about children,” he says, “is that they get out all their emotions, and move on with their day.”

“The other morning, my six year old daughter, [Sadie May Hughes] still had tears drenching her face while she was having a very happy conversation. She had forgotten about those tears, but they still hadn’t had a chance to dry, and yet she was laughing away about something else.”

As for the photo? For now it’s very safely sitting in Hughesy’s expansive camera roll, at the insistence of his wife, even if he takes every opportunity to show it off.

“She doesn’t want me to put it out there but I love it. I show it to everyone, it’s funny,” he says.

Perhaps with a bit of public persuasion, we can get it on Instagram.


You can watch Hughsey, We Have a Problem on Channel 10 at 9:05pm on Tuesdays.

What’s your best tip on dealing with kids crying in public? Is there anything that you can do or do you just let it play out. Tell us in a comment.

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