FLUFF: Hugh Jackman has a new face.

Hugh Jackman‘s got a new, hairy facial accessory.

Otherwise known as a moustache-and-beard combo. He has a moustache and a beard.

And he looks… Ridiculous. Utterly, fantastically ridiculous. Like he cut out a picture of the Monopoly guy from his family’s board game, took it to his hairdresser, and said “Make me beautiful.”

Sure, he’s all face-haired up for a movie role. But he fancies his new ‘stache so much, he’s kept it on. He takes it everywhere he goes. The gym, the sports concert arena, the office.

We followed the whereabouts of Hugh and his Moustache.

Here he is, gesticulating in the presence of his moustache ‘n’ beard.

Here he is, taking his moustache ‘n’ beard to Wimbledon.

Here’s Hugh working out with his moustache ‘n’ beard. It’s unclear whether he gets any extra strength from them.

With this face…

We can only conclude that Hugh Jackman and his moustache ‘n’ beard are Googling “Hugh Jackman and his moustache ‘n’ beard”.

Hugh, we love you.

But if you don’t return to your handsome pre-Wolverine form soon, we may have to intervene and take this photograph to your hairdresser ahead of your next appointment.

That, or we can simply Photoshop that face onto all your Instagram photographs.


That seems like a very valuable and important use of our time…

Here’s some more Handsome Hugh for inspiration. 

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