The disgusting interview that has people asking: How was this ever OK?

Harvey Weinstein’s exposure as a sleazy man who allegedly used his powerful position to sexually exploit, harass and assault women has opened a can of worms.

As initial reports of his alleged sexual misconduct were backed up by dozens of women sharing their stories, attention also turned to other predators and dinosaurs in the entertainment industry. After all, Harvey Weinstein can’t be the only sleazy man in Hollywood.

It didn’t take long for Twitter users to unearth footage of radio host Howard Stern chatting to former Spice Girl Emma Bunton in 2005. The dialogue is not so much an interview as a chance for the 63-year-old American radio personality to interrogate and sexually harass Bunton with lines such as, “I feel like you’re not wearing panties, I get that vibe”.


The former Baby Spice laughs at the start of the interview, but as the harassment continues seems more and more uncomfortable as she is asked questions such as, “how many guys do you figure you’ve done in your life?”.

“I’m wondering what it takes to get into your pants. You know what I mean… do you ever put out after the first date?” he continues.


Earlier in the interview, he asks her when she got her first period after suggesting at 18 she couldn’t have possibly been a virgin.

“You’ve got a hot little body. I could see you girl-on-girl action. I could see you with two guys. I could see you doing a lot of things.”

He also unashamedly comments on her underwear, asking “I feel like you didn’t wear a bra just for me today?”

“And I feel that you are not wearing panties today. I get that vibe. Am I right?…. I’m liking it about your panties and no bra. I like it. It’s turning me on a little bit.”

Yes. He really said that. Live on air.

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Later, Stern asks, “(if a) guy smacks you around on the arse a little bit you’re not going to get offended are you? During lovemaking?”

But perhaps the most disturbing part of the interview of all is when he comments on the way she dresses and uses it as an excuse for his behaviour.

“You like showing your body off. I see these pictures. You’re wearing sexy little outfits. You’re practically naked… So don’t act like you don’t like this. You’re all about this.”

“You want attention. You’re gonna get it.”

Twitter user KulturVulture, who shared the clips, sums it up perfectly: “If this was a ‘regular’ work situation, he’d be sacked.”