Help, I have a pimple!

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We’ve all been there, one second you’re admiring the good skin week you’re having… then next thing you know there’s big red corker right on your chin.
And it’s always right before your first date/best friend’s wedding/you meet Prince Harry.

If you’re thinking of popping it, fine, but you will end up with a big crater and a leaky face. You can cover up an un-popped pimple, but you can’t cover up an oozing hole. So instead, hang in there and follow these simple steps:

How to cover it

The more important the special occasion, the redder and angrier your pimple will be (it’s been proven). It’s important to have a colour-neutralising concealer in your makeup artillery for these skin-emergencies.

The tiniest amount of mint green will counteract redness – which means you have to apply a lot less foundation on your Mount Kosciuszko. There’s nothing worse than a makeup encrusted mountain.

Do not apply your green-tinted concealer with your fingers. You will only spread the pimple further. Use a brush and wash it straight afterwards, or, in a bind, apply with a cotton tip. Once you’ve concealed, apply your foundation with a brush. Put foundation over the zit using tapping motions, that way you won’t shift your concealer placement. Follow with a powder to set your illusionary masterpiece in place.

Then, to finish, play up your features to shift the focus from the teepee on your face. Emphasise the part of your head that’s furthest from the pimple. If it’s on your chin do a smokey eye, if it’s on your forehead try a red lip. Hey presto! It’s invisible – Harry Potter would be proud.

How to destroy it

Have a sleepover and invite two guests – lavender oil and a fresh towel. Soak a cotton tip in lavender oil and dab it on your pimple. Then, cover your pillow with a fresh towel and go to sleep. While you’re asleep, your guests will do the hard work for you. When you wake up, the pimple will be gone. This is because the towel is cleaner than your regular pillow case, and more absorbent, while the lavender oil fights face crime because of its natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.



Are you a compulsive pimple popper? How do you hold yourself back?