14 hilarious (and tragic) moments you realise you're getting old. We've all been there.

Does anyone ever really feel old?

Sure, you’ve reached an age where it’s a little impractical to cram all those candles onto a cake, but you’re not OLD. You’re still young! You’re still cool! You’re still hip and relevant!

That is, until something comes along to remind you that you’re not.

On Reddit this week, users shared the moment they realised they were over the hill. And if you can relate to any of these, I have some bad news…

1. When the lady at the hair salon I used to go to ever since I was a little kid stopped offering me candy from the small basket that they have there. It has changed me from a boy to a man.

2. When I noticed all the moms and dads on TV commercials were younger than me.

3. When you realise you have to start saying ‘Congratulations’ to people when they get pregnant instead of ‘Oh f-ck’.

4. When the great songs of my youth began to be played on oldies stations.


5. When I would listen to some new music on the radio and go “What is this garbage?”

6. Hung out with a friend from high school and we excitedly discussed what kind of vacuum cleaner we’d like to have. It was both the realisation that we mutually thought a new vacuum was exciting, and also the realisation that now I had to be the one to pay for things like that. 

7. When people started calling me madam and ma’am. Ugh.

8. Scrolling down when looking for my year of birth.

9. When I realized how excited I got that Google Streetview came through a day after I had taken care of the lawn.

10. When I fell over and someone said I’d had a fall, sh-t makes you feel about 90.

11. When you make similar noises to move around as the ones you make during sex.

12. The first time i saw a police officer, and thought, what is that kid doing in a uniform?

13. When I sided with the parents on Disney movies. F-ck off, Ariel, you don’t even know what love really is.

14. 3-4 day hangovers.

When was the moment you realised you were old?