Why Meghan Markle's royal engagement is the best thing that could've happened to Suits.

We’re calling it. Meghan Markle’s relationship is the best thing that could’ve happened to Suits.

Yes, better than Mike and Harvey’s banter and the never ending pencil skirt inspiration. It’s even better than, deep breath, Donna.

Why? Because it needs to end. Suits needs to end, and we didn’t know how to say goodbye until now.

When the world found out Markle’s character, Rachel Zane would leave the long-running show at the end of Season 7, boy did it hurt.

“But… but what will happen to Mike and Rachel?,” we cried.

“Will they live happily ever after? And who will be our work fashion spirit animal now? She only just passed the bloody bar FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.”

WHYYYYYYY?! Image: Giphy.

But guys, really we should be grateful to Prince Harry and the monarchy's completely outdated rules and regulations that forbid Markle from working now she's a sort of Princess. Because they and their sexist traditions gave us the out we so desperately wanted, ripping off the band aid we were too weak to do ourselves.

It's like when you're in a dead end relationship. You have so much love for that person, but it's not working anymore. Where once there was fire and passion, now sits a pile of wet face washers.

Then finally, when one person moves interstate for work or decides to go to a meditation camp in the Swiss Alps, both parties have an excuse to end things without having to say what they're really thinking...

That your best days are behind you, and it will never, ever get any better.

The same can be said of our relationship with Suits.

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Now, we still love Suits. We probably always will. But since Mike got out of prison, things haven't been good. Not because we don't love the characters anymore, but because all the tension is gone.


The secret that held Pearson Sector Litt together is out, so now all that's left for Mike and Harvey to do is, you know, be lawyers. Sure, we're still watching out of loyalty, but we're not particularly enjoying it. It's fast becoming the kind of show you watch while scrolling your FB feed, rather than with a packet of Twisties, not stopping even to use the loo because it's that darn good.

Because of the royal engagement, we can say goodbye to Suits gracefully, rather than with resentment for what once was.

Mike and Rachel can ride off together into the sunset. They'll start a cute little small town law firm somewhere in the country. It'll be great.

Harvey and Donna will grow old together, Louis might go vegan and start his own mudding retreat, and Jessica will conquer Chicago's political scene in her own spin-off.

Things can end on their own terms, and without the monotony that normally becomes of TV shows that soldier on to their bitter, boring end.

Suits deserves better. And so does Rachel. We all do.

So don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened. Or something like that.

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