Aussie stylist shares how to wear beanies without looking like the tip of a condom.

When other women wear beanies, they look effortlessly cool, often covered in delicate snowflakes while sipping on a hot chocolate.

When I wear a beanie, I look like, erm, like the tip of a condom. Or a hardened criminal. It’s not pretty.

Other girls wearing beanies. ME wearing a beanie. (Image: Supplied)

You see, wearing a beanie isn't as simple as throwing on a scarf or a pair of gloves. There are a lot of factors to consider...

Hair out or in a braid. Monochrome or a statement colour. Slouchy, chunky knit or fitted. It can be a bit much, yeah?

That's why I asked an Aussie stylist to give me her top beanie tips, so I too can be the effortless off-duty New York model I'm trying so hard to be.


Consider your face shape.

Westfield stylist and fashion photographer, Danielle Symes, says the key to nailing your beanie game is understanding what will work for you.

"Beanies can suit anyone but it just depends on the style," she told Mamamia.

"For example, I worked out that tight fitting beanies make me look like a swimming cap. A pretty safe bet that suits everyone is a chunky knit in a slouchy style.

"Then it's just a matter of working out what works for your face shape - worn further back on your head so your hair frames your face, or down lower on you forehead to completely cover your hairline."

Hardened criminal. Cool girl. (Image: Supplied)

Factor in your hair.

The way your hair is style is crucial to the success of your beanie look. "When it comes to wearing a beanie, take your hair into consideration," Danielle advised.

"Most people wear their hair down, but a messy braid can also look really good. Just don’t try to make it look too perfect, it's all about that ‘off duty model’ vibe."

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Watch the material.

Turns out, not all beanies are created equal. And by that I mean, tight fitting beanies are the stuff of pure evil.

Danielle's advice? Opt for the chunky knit beanie over a tight knit that clings to your head. Every time.

"A chunky knit will add volume and texture where as a fine knit may give you the ‘swimming cap’ look," she said.

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Think head-to-toe.

A surefire way to feel incredibly insecure about wearing a beanie is to throw one on without a second glance as you head out the door.

"Don’t view beanies as an add on, build them into your outfit just like you would a hat or a head scarf," Danielle explained.

She also suggested taking a moment to think about the colour of your beanie and using it to add to your existing outfit.

"Neutral tone knits will work with all outfits but a pop of colour or a print can be just as effective as a great pair of shoes or a statement necklace."

Three beanies. Three different looks. (Image: Instagram)

Commit to the look.

Perhaps the most important point of all, working a beanie is all about commitment and self belief. In other words, the worst thing you can do is get cold feet halfway through the day, throwing your beanie in your bag never to be worn again.

"Always make sure if you're going to wear a beanie, you don’t take it off until you get back home... hat hair is not pretty," Danielle said.

But if your regret is just too real, use dry shampoo and a quick tousle to lift your spirits.

For more from Danielle Symes, check out her website and Instagram.