The marriage equality postal survey goes out today. Here's what you need to do.

Today’s the day, people.

Disobey your “no junk mail” rule. Sort through those takeaway pizza flyers, those ubiquitous vouchers for Hello Fresh/Marley Spoon/insert food box brand here, and yeah, maybe sneakily keep that local electrician’s magnet for a rainy (or drainy) day.

There’s a very important piece of paper waiting for you in your mailbox.

However you access it, the Australian Marriage Law postal survey will be staring right back at you as the mass mail-outs from the Australian Bureau of Statistics begin from today, September 12.

More than 16 million Australians will receive this paper. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull told Triple M that 600,000 will be mailed out on Tuesday alone. The rest of us will get ours by September 25, and will have to return them by no later than October 27.

Any surveys sent after November 7 won’t count. We will get a result on November 15, 2017.

What does this paper ask us? Take a look below:


Simple enough question, right?

As you tick a box, think about what message that vote sends not to the government, but to your fellow Australians. What does a “fair go” mean? Does it mean a fair go for some, an unfair go for others? What does love mean? Is it worth giving everyone a fair go at love? Should love be celebrated or is it to be denigrated? What does a 20-year relationship signify up against a TV wedding between strangers?

OK, there are many questions. But this is not a complicated issue. It’s a question about whether two adults who love one another should be able to marry. You have the ability to choose whether somebody else has the right to choose. You have power at your fingertips. And you also have a return envelope that comes with that paper, which you’ll need to get to a postbox ASAP.


Do not sprinkle glitter in your envelope. It will invalidate the vote. It’s OK to pimp out your letterbox though. That’s fine.

Don’t leave it on the kitchen bench.

Or wait until it gets miraculously consumed by the vortex of papers that pile up at home.

Or the dog. “The dog at my postal survey” is a terrible excuse.

Once you find your nearest Australia Post postbox, mail off your letter. Fist pump high in the sky. Smile. You’ve done your job.


But wait – what about everyone else you know? Have they also voted? Have they returned their survey? Check. Ask. Make Australia Post busy.

We have an opportunity. And it starts with the word YES.

To get involved in the YES campaign, visit

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