5 household items that double as handy makeup tools. Genius.

Image: supplied.

Put masking tape, a spoon, a toothbrush, some sticky tape and an old CD together and what have you got? No, it’s not old junk from a forgotten drawer, but some seriously handy makeup tools. Bear with me.

In a recent Reddit thread, makeup lovers were asked the about the ‘weird’ makeup accessory they use that they can’t live without – and the answers are genius. So forget expensive sponges and brushes, here are 5 household items that double as makeup tools. “Innovative” doesn’t even cover it.

1. A old CD

Got an old Spice Girls CD you’ve given up spinning? Put it to good use and mix your foundation on it instead.

Makeup mix 2.0. Image: supplied.


Like an artists palette, the surface of a CD is perfect for mixing foundations - and far better than making a mess on your hand. It's great for summer when you're picking up a tan and need to customise your foundation colour and is reusable - simply wipe and store for next time. It probably won't play music again though, so make sure it's an album you're completely ready to give up!

2. Masking tape

Who would have thought that an old piece of duct tape or masking tape would be the secret to perfect french nail tips? A thick rubber band would also work too - simply place over the nail, leaving only the desired tip thickness exposed. Then paint over (no need to be neat!) and leave to dry for a minute or so, then rip off and voila! (Post continues after video.)

3. Toothbrush

Preferably a different one to the one you use on your teeth. A toothbrush is the perfect multi-tasking beauty tool - use it to exfoliate lips to prep before applying lipstick, to brush out clumpy mascara or even to style your brows. (Post continues after gallery.)


Yes, with bushy and natural looking brows still a major trend, a toothbrush is a great (and inexpensive) way to perfect your arches.

4. Sticky tape

The holy grail product behind perfect winged liner everytime? Sticky tape. The simple trick involves angling a strip of tape at your desires angle. Then using your choice of liner, use the straight edge to guide your line. Then remove the tape, neaten up if necessary and do your best Alexa Chung impression.

Use sticky tape to perfect liner. Image: supplied.


5. Spoon

Got no tape to do your eyeliner? Don't stress and head to your cutlery drawer, Yes, really. As well as being an excellent tool for ice-cream eating, a spoon can be used for wings too.

Spoons: great for ice-cream and eyeliner. Image: supplied.


Use the edge of the handle to draw the bottom line, then switch and employ curve to round out the wing.

What strange accessory do you use for applying makeup?