Spring fashion: 20 easy style updates under $55.


Unless you’ve been in a Breaking Bad/Game of Thrones/Newroom tv-induced coma you will know that it is now spring, and with spring comes warmer weather and the culmination of a new season and warmer weather comes hating every single piece of clothing in your wardrobe.

It’s a fact. Science even.

Suddenly everything you own is wrong; it’s either too dark or too neon, or too tight or too daggy or too just plain meh.

Which leads us to a dilemma, of course, one can’t simply afford to start over every season – although a style tabula rasa is tempting. What if bootleg cut jeans were to ever come back in? And ditto for turquoise cowboy boots (I’m looking at you Mia Freedman)? So unless Clive Palmer (or your seventh credit card) is bankrolling your shopping addiction, here are 20 ways you can update your spring wardrobe on the cheap.

1. White, white, white. 

The unforgiving, easily-stained shade of white is the main colour trend for this spring/summer.

Laser Cut Out Tank, $49.95, Witchery.
2. More white. 
An even cheaper way to get on the white bandwagon is with a white tee because no matter how much Napisan you douse your old daggy stretched tees in they are going to lose their crispness.
White Woven Tee $29, Market HQ.

3. Fine stacks of rings.  


Fine jumbo ring stack, $12.95, Sportsgirl.

4. Chambray shirt.


Roxanne denim shirt $39.95, Cotton On.


5. Leather baseball cap.  


Leather baseball cap, 24.99, Evan Evina.

6. Leopard print. 


 Maya canvas espadrille, $39.95, Seed.

7. Transparent clutches. 

I’ve written about how silly I think see-through bags are before but if they float your boat don’t let my fear of floating tampons and scrunched up bus tickets stop you.

Transparent box clutch, $38.99, Evan Evina.

8. Black slips.  

The best style advice I’ve ever overheard is that if you remember a trend from the first time around, never, ever admit it. Those embellished ear cuffs? Never seen ’em before. Black slip tops and dresses worn over white t-shirts? Revolutionary.

Glamourous Swing Cami, $27.34 ASOS.

9. Mirrored sunnies.  

Mirrored reflective wayfarer, $34.99, Evan Evina.

10. Tapestry prints. 

Tapestry belted skirt, $34.99 New Look (plus size).



11. Statement necklace.

Gem statement necklace, $34 River Island.

12. Sheer.

Kayla mesh top and skirt, $54.99, Evan Evina.


13. Wrap skirts.

Grey wrap skirt, Topshop.

14. Stripe tee

Biker trim tee, $49.95, Seed.


15. Enamel earrings

Keep Dreaming earrings, $34.95, 8 other reasons.

16. Metallic.

Foil tee, $49.95, Seedheritage.


17. Boyfriend denim cutoffs.

Light wash ripped denim boyfriend shorts, £25 River Island.

18. China blue and white.

Tiger Print Scarf $39.95, Witchery.

19. Raglan tee.


20. Printed shorts

Island Striped Tailored Shorts, $54.99, Evan Evina.

If Clive Palmer was bankrolling your next shopping trip, what would you buy?

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