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According to science, one thing makes a selfie infinitely more attractive.

Thanks to science, we now know why Selena Gomez’s selfies always look so darn good.

Rather than having anything to do with aesthetics or natural beauty (okay that might count for something), it’s all about the angles.

Having the best trip. Europe I just love you.. ????☺️hur did by @lonavigi -face did by @byjakebailey

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Specifically, acute angles.

A German study surveyed 172 people’s reactions to 3D faces shown from different angles to find out which ones they found most attractive.

And, well, people were more likely to rate selfies when the subject’s face was tilted 15 degrees to their right side.

Unlike us, it appears Gomez, the pioneering woman she is, has known about this little fact for ages. I mean, the woman even dated bowl cut Bieber before the bangers. Talk about being ahead of the curve, am I right?

And judging by her impressive back gallery and 122 MILLION followers, we’d say she’s onto a good thing.

Click through to see some of her most liked selfies below…

Now we’re armed with this knowledge, please excuse us while we take advantage of the lighting in the office bathrooms.

Get head tilting, folks!

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Honestly, how many selfies do you currently have on your camera roll?