Sam and Snezana show the right way to swaddle your baby. Like a 'baby burrito'!

Having a new baby at home definitely makes life interesting. Just ask The Bachelor couple Sam Wood and Snezana Markoski!

Last October, they welcomed their first child together, Willow Wendy Wood. And while Snezana has done it before (she has a 12-year-old daughter Eve), it’s Sam’s first time. So how’s he doing?

The couple invited Mamamia into their home, where they’ve filmed a series of tips around baby basics for us and Nurofen.

The first one? SWADDLING. Or how to create a “baby burrito” (Sam’s words). With a toy baby, because no parent wants to wake a real baby up from a snooze. Get into it above!

This video is brought to you by Mamamia and Nurofen Fever Smart Temperature Monitor.