We have the solution to Kim Kardashian's "hairy forehead".

Image: Kim and her baby hairs, circa 2007 (via Getty) 

Update: If your hairline’s peppered with baby hairs, you’re not alone.

In an interview with People magazine, Kim Kardashian has declared that she has “the hairiest forehead you can ever imagine” – although you wouldn’t know that looking at her today.

“If you Google [me in] 2008 or so, I had the craziest, hairiest hairline,” she told the magazine (see pic above for proof). For a while Kim resorted to waxing her wispy bits, but eventually she decided to have them lasered off. “I didn’t change the shape [of my hairline], just got rid of all the baby hairs,” she says.

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If you’re not so keen on removing your baby hairs completely, there are a number of things you can do to temporarily tame them. Our beauty director Nicky writes:

Nothing can be done about it! That pesky, whisper-thin fluff that haunts your hairline bloody ruins every hairstyle you ever attempted to pull off, right? Especially when the humidity is high. Especially when your hair is lightened and weakened.

But good news, I spoke to Redken’s Artistic Director, Philip Barwick about how to deal with this very first-world hair problem.

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“To disguise baby hairs, ensure that you distribute styling products evenly and incorporate baby hairs into your styling techniques,” says Barwick.

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“The blow dry technique is important, so to effectively disguise baby hairs, ensure that you start blow drying in the direction that you want your roots to go or brush backwards and forwards around the shape of the head for a neutral root direction, including the baby hairs in this process.”


In addition to round brushes, he recommends using fine bristle brushes or heatproof combs to help control the direction of the hair from the very roots.

J-Lo knows the struggle.


When it comes to styling your updo, Barwick says rather than covering baby hairs up, work them into the hairstyle.

“Remember to collectively blow dry the hair in one direction or brush hair backwards and forwards, grabbing baby hairs in the process, to disguise them within the rest of the hair,” says Barwick.

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For really fine hair, he recommends Redken Extreme Anti-SnaP, a leave-in treatment for distressed hair, that helps in strengthening and improving the manageability of finer hair. And to trap those babies down, he says to use a lightweight finishing spray like Redken Fashion Work 12 to seal the hairs into place.

If that all sounds to complicated, his fail safe tip is "to mask baby hairs with low, side-swept parts or fringes.”

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If you're seriously having no luck, or want to showcase your baby fine hair in all its glory, take a look at DKNY's recent Spring/Summer campaign featuring Cara Delevingne and so much plastered down baby hair.